Sunday, March 11, 2012

Thoughts on misogyny

I just read a good article on misogyny titled "The origins and causes of misogyny".
It states that basically, misogyny originates from bitterness due to being rejected sexually.
I can't imagine anything more irrational and illogical. (And the stereotype is that men are more rational and logical than women. There goes that theory). Because not every woman you meet wants to fuck you, you hate all women? Hate the women who rejected you, fine, but hate all women because a few rejected you? How pathetic.
I've been rejected by guys before. That doesn't mean I hate men. I'm intelligent enough to realize that not all men are the same.
I don't even hate the guys who rejected me. I simply realized that either I wasn't their type, or they just didn't have romantic feelings for me. There's no reason to hate someone because they don't want to have sex with you. You can't expect every person you're attracted to to want to have sex with you. Neither are they obligated to have sex with you just because you're attracted to them.
Hating all women because a few rejected you is pretty childish.
If you're a misogynist, you need to grow up.