Sunday, March 11, 2012

Thoughts on misogyny

I just read a good article on misogyny titled "The origins and causes of misogyny".
It states that basically, misogyny originates from bitterness due to being rejected sexually.
I can't imagine anything more irrational and illogical. (And the stereotype is that men are more rational and logical than women. There goes that theory). Because not every woman you meet wants to fuck you, you hate all women? Hate the women who rejected you, fine, but hate all women because a few rejected you? How pathetic.
I've been rejected by guys before. That doesn't mean I hate men. I'm intelligent enough to realize that not all men are the same.
I don't even hate the guys who rejected me. I simply realized that either I wasn't their type, or they just didn't have romantic feelings for me. There's no reason to hate someone because they don't want to have sex with you. You can't expect every person you're attracted to to want to have sex with you. Neither are they obligated to have sex with you just because you're attracted to them.
Hating all women because a few rejected you is pretty childish.
If you're a misogynist, you need to grow up.


Ayesha said...

This Moffat character is rather full of himself, lol. To explain misogyny he simply copies loosely a few well known psychoanalytical points of view, tosses them into the blender together with some pavlovian conditioning principles, while pedantically claiming:"I have studied the mindset of men and understand many of the feelings that revolve around and directly cause misogyny." Um......directly eh? And then....the mindset of men? All of them? And all r the same? Oh i see. Men r from Mars and women r from Venus, no?

U know? I suspect this self proclaimed scholar of the male psyche and psychology to be infected with the misogyny virus himself. According to his brilliant analysis, when it come right down to it, it's us women who r causing these poor men to become misogynists. It's us evil ones who were rejecting these gallant knights in the first place, no? Yes it's all our fault. And especially mine. Mea maxima culpa, hehehe.

MorriganAradia said...

Ayesha, I noticed that too. But despite the vernacular used in the article, I think he has some valid points. Pretty much every guy I've ever met who disliked or hated women were that way because they had an ex girlfriend who was, according to them, a psycho or a bitch.

And yeah, didn't you know, all of the world's problems are women's fault. *rolls eyes*